All title photos by Andy Sheng from our recent production of Wedded: Nixon and the Pentagon Papers

Actors Joe Culliton and Cris Capen performing Wedded, photo by Andy Sheng



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· creates live experiences

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John Powers

Writer and director of dramatic material and coordinator of public performances, courses, and forums, John Powers (a.k.a. J-Powers) brings 12+ years experience in producing more than 200 events.

“Like his previous programs on Japanese Americans in WWII and Chinese Americans, Watergate, Vietnam war...etc, John Powers' current series of public programs at El Camino College are wide ranging in their topics, succinctly organized, cogently presented, with articulate and outstanding experts on the topic of each program. The format is very Old School—with an emphasis on substance rather than gimmicks, and it sets a high standard for others who produce and participate in topical programs in the community. Bring yourselves and your family--especially students – for an educational and entertaining and affordable evening.”

-- Don Hata, Emeritus Professor of History, CSU Dominguez Hills

Experience LA

“ I experienced the events of 1968, and John Powers has brought to life some of the most significant of them through his unique, powerful, and deeply affecting series.  Everyone should see it.” 

     —  Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July

“Excellent condensation of the Pentagon Papers”

                               Daniel Ellsberg

I liked the group/team work; we got to know each other better and each character involved in the [events]

An informative, engaging, and challenging class. Enjoyed it immensely!

Fascinating demonstration of events leading up to 9/11, focusing [on] conflict within U.S. government.

Instructor provided a script, and the class played the roles. Novel teaching experience.

Best class so far!

--various written comments by UC Riverside Extension participants in   The 9/11 Commission Report,      Sep/Oct 2014

Text Box: For Readers Of All Ages
Cover art of Pentagon Papers, recently abridged edition for the Millennial Generation


Pentagon Papers: for the Millennial Generation

published at Amazon and Smashwords

Drawn from excepts of the original document, this exciting  publication gives young people a comprehensive understanding of the 30-year involvement by the United States in Southeast Asia. With links to online video and other resources, this concise work  informs and empowers young people. It’s also valuable for Boomers who never to begin with understood the war.

Text Box: For Middle Grade Readers

A contemporary adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s “best story” tells of a  girl who in search of her father becomes trapped on an actual island in the sky where she leads one other worldly army against another in her pursuit of finding her way home.


Queen of Sky Island (the ebook)

now published at Amazon and Smashwords

Cover art for Queen of Sky IslandFaces of mature adults Text Box: Continuing in various locations

Enhance your memory, physical, and social fitness skills while having fun. Perform short dramatic and comedic scenes for mature adults by great writers. Stretch yourself with character analysis, memorization, action, and discussion. Grow within a supportive environment. Stay strong with lively engagement. No previous acting experience or materials necessary.

This course is offered by John Powers. For information call 310-486-2547.

Scene Study for Mature Adults